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Help us Provide a Greener Future for Newport News!

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We believe that green space and access to open space in urban environments like Newport News is critical to the overall health of the community. While providing formal and informal spaces for sport and recreation, preserving natural environments and habitats, reducing air and water pollution, and assisting in stormwater management, access to open green space also has been associated with perceived better general health, reduced stress levels, reduced depression, and increased physical activity in humans. As an active partner with our City, the Foundation also recognizes that preserving and providing access to green spaces must be balanced with and planned for in the overall design and development of the City. In fact, emerging research in urban planning is now recognizing green space and parks as valuable contributors to larger urban policy objectives such as job growth, youth development, public health, reduction in crime, and community building. Help us ensure a greener future for Newport News by donating today!